The Veteran Medical Provider Directory (VMPD) is an initiative of a group of military veterans around Australia, headed by Mr. Trent Morrison, which aims to build an online database of medical providers such as dentists who accept Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ treatment cards and to record if the practitioner(s) as the practice have additional education and training in understanding military experience.

This group has been writing to dentists across Australia seeking their inclusion in this directory which they maintain will alleviate the “struggles [veterans have had] finding practitioners that meet the unique needs [of] ex-serving members.”

Again, while the aims of this group are laudable, since they aim to take the stress off veterans who, the VMPD allege, express stress finding a practitioner who can assist them, It is important to note that while the people involved in creating this directory are genuinely trying to help veterans, the VMPD does not have the endorsement of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and declining to participate will not affect your ability to receive rebates for services provided to eligible card holders.